From Waste to Beneficial Things

Biomass energy and fertilizer from grass

In the past in rural area of Japan, it was said that grass was fought over as food for cattle and horses. However, after changing society from agricultural society to industrialized society, we haven’t needed such live stocks anymore for farming and livelihood and mowing grass became one of the hardest tasks for local people every year, from spring to autumn. Especially from the rainy season to summer in Japan, the grass must be cut and weeded several times a month as it grows very fast and quickly. While it is hard work in the hot summer, there is no way to utilize the grass and it can be thought just a waste of hard work.


Therefore, in cooperation with universities and research institutions, or companies, Regreen wants to plan to research and develop ways to use grass as a sustainable energy source and fertilizer for agriculture, which until now had no way to utilize it.


When trying to use grass as biomass energy, there is inevitably the problem of combustion efficiency. Therefore, we are thinking of using not only grass but also composite materials such as thatch, agricultural residues, and thinned wood, fermenting them with the help of micro-organisms, and using them as an energy source or fertilizer.


If we could make this utilization, it will be more sustainable and efficient society in the rural areas not only in Japan but also in the world as like people had as usual in the past.