Space Architecture

In the coming space age, architecture that supports human physical and mental health will be required to withstand long stays.


The environmental information in the space is very different from the Earth and sometimes there is lack of information what we can get in the Earth and we need for keeping ourselves. There has been an issue that when people stay in a closed environment for a long period of time, their mental and physical health deteriorates, they become stressed, and conflicts increase within the group.


In the natural materials, they emit microorganisms what supports our mental and physical health. Therefore, interior materials made of natural materials can be considered for the coming space age. For example, the use of thatch as an interior material could improve human immunity due to its microbial environment, prevent the growth of pathogenic bacteria, and maintain the diversity of the microbial environment, thereby supporting human physical and mental health.


Since human beings have evolved in the earth’s environment, it is difficult to imagine how we can live for a long period of time without rapid change of DNA and without information from the earth, including what we can see, what we cannot see, what we can hear, and what we cannot hear. In order to open real space age, it will be important to reproduce and adopt an environment and information as close to the earth’s environment as possible and create such architecture in the space.