Whole Earth Design Platform

One Health Platform

The platform that brings together experiences that contribute to both the community and nature while healing and having fun.


The platform concept is “Harmonious coexistence between people, nature, and oneself”.


It spreads on thatched accommodations, shrines and temples, and hot springs as core place and connects city
and local communities in Japan. Visiting some local areas through this platform, people can feel and experience:

spiritual richness and the warmth of people, improving mental and physical health, regeneration of the local nature and the global environment, revitalization of local communities and economies.


In this platform, people can visit, experience, share and enjoy each other’s experiences about the essential values of people and nature, regardless of nationality, gender, age, religion, disability, or any other distinctions, while facing themselves, becoming healthy in body and mind, and contributing to the creation of a sustainable society.


We will connect such communities across Japan and around the world, build them as “One Health”
platform, and re-evaluate society from a planetary health perspective.


Compared to Western countries, Japan lags far behind in the fields of the environment, health, energy, and local revitalization, but it is precisely because Japan has a spirituality and culture that has existed in harmony with nature since the Jomon civilization (around 14500 BCE – 500 BCE) that it has hint for creating sustainable and healthy circulated society for people, nature, and local communities.


Many people have become aware of the value of essential things such as life, mental and physical health, human interaction, and deep ties with nature because of the COVID-19, and now realize that a city-based lifestyle dependent on the outside economy is fragile.


We are facing a mountain of global issues such as the COVID-19, climate change, extreme weather, natural disasters, wars, food, and water problems, however, it would be hoping a creation of a mechanism for a virtuous circle of people, resources, and places around the world, while creating a system that supports relationships between people and places that can be relied on in times of emergency. There, thatching and many other traditional wisdom, activities, and relationships from around the world will be re-evaluated and applied to the present day.



For detail information about this research and proposal, please refer below PDF and please feel free to contact us.