All living things on the Earth are interconnected with each other and are kept alive by the forces of nature and the universe.


There are many challenges in today’s society, but these are only a part of the manifestations, and essentially, without fundamental solutions, further challenges will continue to emerge.


We need to design a peaceful, healthy, and sustainable future by considering the global environment as a single entity that integrates all things, rather than dividing them into categories such as humans, living creatures, plants, and materials.

Steve Jobs said that he used to refer to THE WHOLE EARTH CATALOG when he was a young.

Buckminster Fuller has also researched and developed architecture for sustainable design of the entire planet.

Gaia Theory was proposed by James Lovelock and has influenced many people.

However, our ancestors, tens and thousands of years ago, were already aware of it and created civilizations.

This is something that can be seen worldwide, but it is precisely because Japan has been building its civilization for tens of thousands of years with continuous updates that can be applied to the present day.

At Regreen, we are utilizing these accumulations and integrating them with the technologies and systems that have been built up by modern times, while designing master plans for national land planning, urban planning, landscape architecture, architecture, products, and social systems.

We are also conducting research and education related to them.

This figure shows what Regreen has investigated, experienced, and made practical design and what our society and the Earth environment need for future sustainable relationship building as land planning.