Thatching and thatched roofing

Microbial Environment

The possibility of microbial environments in thatched houses that create human health.   Scientific research into the microbial environment has revealed that traditional architectural and environmental practices such as thatched roofs have the potential to contribute to human health.   Thatch is a collective term of roofing material that harvested in the local area

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Sustainable Local Cultural Landscape and Land Planning

The representative had researched local sustainable landscape in Keihoku, the northern part of Kyoto, where had contributed to construction of the former capital, Kyoto, and support of life of Emperors and the capital for over 1,000 years. The representative found that the local environment has been comprehensively and sustainably fostered by the natural environment

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Hypersonic Sound Environment

The inaudible sound that support human health in the rich environment   Normally human beings can listen to the sound which is lower than 20,000 Hz and the sound frequencies above the human audible range are called hypersonic sound or ultrasonic sound. The research by expert researchers has revealed that human beings receive this

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Thatching and Thatched Roofing

The essence and possibility of thatching   The essence of traditional thatched roofs is not as a traditional house itself but as a synthesis of the wisdom of our ancestors who have lived in harmony with nature for thousands of years, and is a synthesis of life, the universe, the earth, nature, people, architecture,

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