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We can handle many fields such as architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning, and mechanism creating in a comprehensive way, together with experts in each field and researchers in many fields who are conducting cutting-edge research.

Regreen can provide comprehensive support to our clients for projects that previously would have required the services of individual design firms or consulting companies.

It is the most important to understand and plan for the overall environment of the land and region (nature, ecosystem, culture, history, people’s activities, etc.), so we will conduct a comprehensive survey and propose a suitable plan before creating a plan.

Of course, we can accommodate your request.

Regreen can conduct research or studies on its own or with other researchers.

In other cases, we can refer you to other researchers.

Regreen charges no initial consultation fee, and subsequent consultation fees start at $50 yen per 30 minutes per case as a consulting fee.
Design and consultation fees are paid in four installments: at the time of contract, upon completion of basic design, upon completion of implementation design, and upon completion.

We communicate via email, phone, and other media as needed.

For architectural and landscape design, the minimum site area is 1000㎡, and for urban, regional, and national land planning, the minimum is 1ha.

We can accept your requests from anywhere in the world. We offer to include travel and accommodation expenses in the design and consulting fee.


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