Modern technology

Whole Earth Design Platform

One Health Platform The platform that brings together experiences that contribute to both the community and nature while healing and having fun.   The platform concept is “Harmonious coexistence between people, nature, and oneself”.   It spreads on thatched accommodations, shrines and temples, and hot springs as core place and connects cityand local communities

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From Waste to Beneficial Things

Biomass energy and fertilizer from grass In the past in rural area of Japan, it was said that grass was fought over as food for cattle and horses. However, after changing society from agricultural society to industrialized society, we haven’t needed such live stocks anymore for farming and livelihood and mowing grass became one

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Space Architecture

In the coming space age, architecture that supports human physical and mental health will be required to withstand long stays.   The environmental information in the space is very different from the Earth and sometimes there is lack of information what we can get in the Earth and we need for keeping ourselves. There

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Sustainable and Healthy Product

Product which is good for both of people and nature Regreen is supporting to create products and building materials that use thatch and natural materials, which can be used as fertilizer or energy after use, and which ultimately return to nature.   We introduce some examples what we had made for prototype.    

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