Sustainable and Healthy Product

Product which is good for both of people and nature

Regreen is supporting to create products and building materials that use thatch and natural materials, which can be used as fertilizer or energy after use, and which ultimately return to nature.


We introduce some examples what we had made for prototype.



Rubbish station


A cute rubbish station, like a fairy’s dwelling place, is born. It gives warmth to the surroundings and makes it fun to take out the rubbish.



Futon and pillow


Recreate Heidi’s dream bed! In the past, people used to sleep on futons made of thatch, which are very comfortable, allow you to sleep soundly and relieve fatigue.


The natural fragrance will heal you, and the futon and pillow will suit each person’s body due to the material’s moderate firmness and fit to the body. You can also benefit from the immunity-boosting bacteria from the thatch. The sound produced when you turn over in bed also emits hypersonic sound (which boost immunity, lower stress, have a healing effect and activate our natural senses).


The futon can be used on its own or in combination with a mattress for a comfortable sleep.


Pillows can be custom-made in height, rise and width according to your own preferences.


You can stock thatch in primary school gymnasiums and use it as insulation in normal times and as mattresses, pillows and partitions for evacuees in times of disaster.



Insulation panels (interior and exterior)




These panels make use of the thermal insulation effect of thatch (comparable insulation performance with equivalent thickness compared to common insulation materials) and the microbiological effect (boosting immunity, preventing pathogenic bacteria, and creating a microbial environment that balances naturally occurring and human-derived microorganisms). They can be used for new buildings as well as for the interior and exterior of existing buildings. They can be customized in size and thickness to match the atmosphere of the room and the exterior walls.