Captured by BBC Radio for the Worldwide Broadcast

BBC Radio4 Costing the Earth “The Sound of Nature”

28th March 2023, Worldwide Broadcast

In this program, I appeared together with researchers specializing in hypersonic sound which is sound beyond human audible sound above about 20,000 Hz. Hypersonic sound boost people’s immunity, reduce stress and nurture human original sense. They are normally emitted from forest environments that nurture rich ecosystems. I found hypersonic sound in satoyama environments, thatched roofs working, and other traditional works of architecture and music. On the program, I talked about it and their potential for creating a sustainable society in which people can live in harmony with nature and their physical and mental health.

People contain genes from ancestors who had lived in a natural forest environment for millions of years. That environment contains diverse environmental information, including hypersonic sound. On the other hand, cities contain little of the original natural environmental information and, conversely, a lot of information that raises stress, such as noise. Contrary to the effect of hypersonic sound effect, it can be thought that human immune system in cities is reduced and stress is increased. It has only been a few thousand years since people had started to build cities and began to live in them, and not yet long enough to change the genes inherited from ancestors who had lived in the presence of rich environmental information. It can be thought that living in an urban environment also lowers our resistance to diseases such as the COVID-19. Now is the time to take another look at living with nature.

I designed architecture and landscape for one welfare facility in Gotenba city according to this aspect.

I’d like to apply this effect and concept for architecture, landscape and urban design.

BBC Radio4 Costing the Earth “The Sound of Nature”

28th March 2023, Worldwide broadcast

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