One Health Welfare Community

We proposed a new type of welfare facility based on what we have researched so far, including the thatch as a system that has created natural cycles from forest to sea, people’s activities, people’s connections, and the local landscape, and an attempt to apply traditional wisdom to the modern age through scientific research on the microbial environment and hypersonic sound effect that affect people’s physical and mental health.

It was planned in Gotemba City in Japan as a place where people with intellectual and mental disabilities can work, live, and interact and connect with local people and visitors.

Currently in Japan, people with disabilities are often subsidized by the national and local governments, and it is difficult for them to live autonomously, to do worthwhile work and lead their own lives, and to live and work in closed facilities and make connections with the community.

When we worked with people with disabilities on working with thatch and making products, they were pleased to find that working with thatch was fun, focused, healthy, and very good for them.

We planned to create a place where people with disabilities can live autonomously and healthily, and where they can connect with the community as members of the community by making products using thatch based on our research on thatch, selling them, and making a profit.

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