Lectures, Talks, and Workshops

Regreen is available to give lectures, talks, and workshops on our research and activities.
Please feel free to contact us.

Workshop with National University of Singapore in Kyoto, Keihoku and Miayama
Field lectures on the history and culture of the Keihoku and Miyama areas, sustainability of Japan, thatched houses, and satoyama environment, focusing about thatching culture and system, management of thatch field, and the relationship between the satoyama environment, the Katsura River, the former capital, Emperors, the Imperial Palace, and so on.



Thatching workshop at the Forest of Ruins General Park, Misato-machi, Saitama Prefecture
Hosted by Chikuzen, an old private house gallery and cafe.
Regreen gave a lecture about our research on relationship between thatching and sustainable local environment, and possibility to apply traditional wisdom for modern age.
We built a thatched hut in the park with thatcher and carpenter.

Practical training of harvesting thatch for Ritsumeikan University
Explanation of management of thatch fields, and the relationship between the satoyama environment, thatched houses, and thatch fields.
Demonstration on the hypersonic sound effect emitted from harvesting thatch.

Lecture for Meiji University
Lecture on thatching and the sustainable local cultural landscape related to our research for the Department of Architecture, Meiji University

Lecture for Japanology University

Lecture about our research online

Field interview in Keihoku
We guided activist about Japanese traditional culture, “Crescent Miyabinokai”, in Keihoku and explained about our research and activity.

Presentation about research result
The research by the representative was presented for the conference of Japan Thatching Cultural Association.

More than 450 people for company managers, organizations, universities, ministries officers, government officers, groups, and individuals.

Detail is available here


Presentation at the “Tsunageyo, Sasaeyo, Mori, Sato, Kawa, Umi” Ambassador Team
A strategic meeting for the realization of a regional recycling and symbiosis zone in the government’s basic environmental plan.

About “Tsunageyo, Sasaeyo, Mori, Sato, Kawa, Umi” Project by Ministry of the Environment by the vice minister in 2022

“Tsunageyo, Sasaeyo, Mori, Sato, Kawa, Umi” Ambassador Team

Lecture at a prestigious private university in Thailand

Lecture for Department of Japanese Business Communication, Faculty of Liberal Arts, Sipatum University, Thailand


Field lecture for certified NPO organization “Shizen Daigakkou”

Lecture on thatching and the local cultural landscape, and practical training of harvesting thatch.

Talks on the radio program
Discussion on thatching culture and possibility of thatched architecture for the private radio program, “Chai to Seichan no Ie Radio”, related to various house and life style information.







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