Healing Country Japan, Healing Capital Nara

Whether it is world peace, physical and mental health, human relationships, harmony with the earth or national politics, healing seems to be at the root of them.

Both individual traumas and conflicts between countries and peoples have a trigger or cause.

When these are healed, peace and tranquillity can be found.

Conversely, without it, suffering and conflict will repeat itself over time and through the ages.


That is where it all begins and is connected to everything.

In the Asuka and Nara periods, Japan was defeated in wars with foreign powers and was in a ruinous state due to destruction of nature, epidemics, natural disasters and civil wars, but as a result of accepting various things and building a country with healing of the earth, people and all living things at its core, it became a country that has continued for 1,300 years.

And even now, many people from all over the world come to Japan and say they are healed and feel peace.

This country is made of healing, something invisible to the eye.

Nara is also the place where I hear the most words of healing from people from overseas.

Healing transcends ethnic, blood and language differences.

Japan, the land of healing, began in Nara and there seems to be something to be learnt from Nara still now.

It even seems to be the most important thing in the world today.

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